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Round 3: Silverstone, 1st June 2008

This was my first time at Silverstone. I had been told that it was a fast track, with some unsighted apexes, and my TOCA practising and YouTube revision hadn't prepared me for it!

It had been drizzling just before I went out for the first 10 minute warm up session. The track felt slippy and I had no idea where I was going! I tried to tuck in behind two Evo's and follow them to learn the track, and then they both went off! The short session meant I only managed to get in 3 laps. I was panicking! Luckily I had managed to book onto one of the public track sessions in between the warm up and practice sessions, which meant another 20 minutes out on track and finding my feet. The extra time really helped, and my confidence was up again.

The car was feeling great during the practice session. It was quite busy on track, so finding free space was a challenge, but when did I was confident that I was improving on my time. I ended the session with a 1:08:336, and 2nd in my group. Great!

The qualifying session didn't go as well. After a couple of warm up laps the car developed a hesitation/misfire coming out of Woodcote. I thought I had broken it! I took it easy for another lap and it seemed to be ok, so started to push it again, but had the same problem at Woodcote again - fuel surge. Into the pits to get some more fuel in the car and back out on track. Unfortunately we didn't get enough fuel into the car and the problem persisted, meaning that I couldn't get the power down early enough coming out of Woodcote and along the start/finish straight. I finished with a 1:09:012, placed 8th in my group and 30th overall.




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