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Round 2: Knockhill, 18th May 2008

I had a great day at Knockhill. The car was running spot on, despite all it had been through!

In the warm up session I managed a 1:00:778, already a 3 second improvement on my time from last year, which placed me 9th in my group. I was confident that I could still improve on the time.

The practice session went well and I got my time down to 59:420 and a 7th place in the group.

I changed onto the newer tyres on for the qualifying which did give it a lot more grip. I struggled to find clear track space to improve on my time, and ended with a 59:570. I was placed 5th in my group, 22nd overall, just outside of the qualifying cut off.

It would have been great to have gotten into the final, but I suppose I should just be glad that I have the car and was able to do the event with it....and it was still in one piece and running well for round 3!