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Round 5: Snetterton, 11th October 2009

After missing Round 4, both the Skyline and Impreza engines were rebuilt in time for the final round at Snetterton and both myself and Adam headed down. Luckily we had been split into separate groups so we weren't battling head to head on track, which could have been disastrous!

I was still getting used to the new power of the Skyline, up from 480bhp to 570bhp, as I had only driven the car on track on the test session the day before. It was scarily quick and I was reluctant to turn the boost up straight away! That reluctance soon disappeared after Adam got a quicker time than me in the first warm up session!

The day went ahead without any hiccups, but learning the track and the car at the same time meant that my times weren't spectacular.

Warm up - 1:24:142
Practice - 1:19:475
Qualifying - 1:19:454
Final - 1:18:112 - finishing 8th in Class


Still, finishing 7th in class overall for the year, after crashing at the first round and missing the fourth isn't too shabby I suppose. Maybe next year will bring better fortune!

Adam had his first competitive outing in the Impreza. A fairly low powered car (350bhp) with standard brakes and old budget Tein suspension. He drove it like a hooligan, and despite managing to beat me in the warm up session, he couldn't keep up with me later in the day! He had a few offs, a few spins and a couple of mechanical niggles! Nothing too serious thankfully and he still managed to drive the car the 450 miles back home!

Warm up - 1:23:127
Practice - 1:22:657
Qualifying - 1:21:574 - finishing 5th in Group

Fee - Club Class #7
Adam - Club Class #63


Videos right click, save as

Bumper Cam:: Fee - Qualifying


In Car Cam: Fee - Final 1


Bumper Cam: Fee - Final 2


Bumper Cam: Fee - Final 3


In Car Cam: Adam - Practice 1


In Car Cam: Adam - Practice 2


In Car Cam: Adam - Qualifying 1


In Car Cam: Adam - Qualifying 2


In Car Cam: Adam - Qualifying 3



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Warm Up: