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Round 3: Silverstone, 31st May 2009

I nearly didn't make it down to round 3 at Silverstone after feeling like I was dying from the flu on Friday. Big thanks go to Wallace Performance for helping me get down there to compete. Luckily by Sunday I was feeling a bit brighter and ready to go.


The warm up session was spent mostly re-learning the track since it was my first time back at Silverstone since round 3 last year. It took a wee while for me to get my lines right but I came in feeling that there was still much more to come out of the car.

1:08.387, 8th overall and faster than my best lap in 2008!



The practice session felt a lot better. My lines were improving and I was managing to get on the brakes later. Perhaps this was to my disadvantage as I moved to the inside to avoid a very early braking Marcus Webster in the braking zone at Brooklands, taking me off the racing line and then off into the gravel. The car spun, then cut out leaving me stuck in the middle of the track and didn't want to start again until the red flag came out. Luckily no one collided wth me coming into the complex. The session wasn't stopped for long and we were out again straight away.
I managed a 1:06.097, 8th overall and 2 seconds faster than my time in 2008 so I was pretty chuffed.

My qualifying session time was typically slower than my practice session. I don't know what it is, but I always go slower in Qualifying which hands points to my rivals! Something I definitely need to work on!
I finished in 14th place overall with a time of 1:06.710.

I was determined to get a faster time in the final....and I did, despite the tyres being past their best! I finished with a 1:05.924 putting me in 11th place overall, 7th in class with more points on the board.
Interestingly the two speed traps on the circuit give an idea of the cars strengths. I was 2nd fastest through the speed trap just in the braking zone on back straight, but way down in 14th for the speed trap that is a flat out sprint across the start/finish line. I could do with some more power to keep up with the front runners, but my brakes are just fine!!!

It was a great day...definitely glad I made it down in the end. The car ran well all day, just need to work on getting the front end set up better. Some upgrades will hopefully be in place in time for Brands to get some more camber and caster adjustment. New tyres would be great if anyone reading wants to donate a set ;)

Fee - Club Class #7


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