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Vauxhall Corsa 2.1 16v

Our Track Corsa has been through many changes before it was split due to being a complete pain in the ass and stupendous waste of money.

  • Version1: Carabic Blue SRi with standard C20XE 2.0 16v - 165bhp
  • Version2: Carabic Blue SRi with Throttle Bodied C20XE 2.1 16v - 185bhp
  • Version3: White light weight shell with Throttle Bodied C20XE 2.1 16v - 185bhp
  • Version4: White light weight shell with Throttle Bodied C20XE 2.0 16v - 205bhp

The car had numerous problems through its life. Version1 engine blew up on track after seeing 4 events in 1 week. Version 2 Shell met its end getting the chassis legs folded in a crash. Version3 engine was rebuilt due to problems with the boring out of the block to take 88mm pistons. The whole bottom end was a write off. Version4 engine blew up in the pits at Knockhill. All was fine, then it broke a valve guide. Wrecked the head, and piston. The decision was then made to get rid of the problem.... THE CAR. We had already bought the Skyline so the Corsa simply had to go.

  • C20XE block - bored to 87.5mm
  • 87.5mm SBD Forged Pistons
  • ARP Rod Bolts
  • SBD Oil Pump
  • SBD 278/284 Cams
  • SBD Valve Gear
  • Flowed COSCAST head
  • QED DTH Throttle Bodies
  • QED Fuel Rail
  • C20LET injectors
  • Tranx 45/90 Plate Differential
  • SACHS clutch
  • Lightweight Flywheel
  • AVO Coilovers
  • ProRace LightWeight 15" alloys
  • Yoko A048R Tyres
  • 300mm 4 pot HiSpec brakes
  • Goodridge Lines
  • Mintex 1155 pads
  • Full Weichers weld in Cage
  • 2 Corbeau Pro Sport lightweight Buckets
  • 2 Sparco/Sablet FIA 3" 6pt Harnesses
  • Momo Steering Wheel