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Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi

1987 205 GTi 1.9 8v ( E reg )

The car was bought in 2004 off ebay as an MOT failure. It had a seized rear beam, cracked windscreen, no horn, dodgy wiring and some corroded brake pipes.

The car sat unused for about 8 months before we decided what to do with it. Track Car! The car had all of its interior, exept the dash, removed.

The original 15" Speedlines were a bit worse for wear so we decided to refurb them ourselves, and finish them in gloss white. The wheels were stripped back, primed, filled, primed, painted then laquered.

We opted for a OMP 10pt cage. It was fairly simple to fit with the car stripped (and the front windscreen out). Mounting plates were welded to the shell and the cage bolted to these. We finished the cage with red hammerite spray.
We got a set of secondhand Cobra bucket seats and 3" Sparco 4pt harnesses. We made custom mountings for the seats from steel bars.

We removed the seized rear beam and replaced it with a refurbished beam with solid bushes. We also painted it.
The front and rear suspension was replaced with Koni adjustable fixed height dampers, and matched springs. The suspension turned out to be for a lower model 205 so we had to remove the ARB arms. We tried it on track before/after and prefered it with them removed. This could have been due to the upper and lower OMP strut braces keeping the front rigid.

The original exhaust also needed replaced after the tailpipe fell off. It was replaced with a Peugeot Sport GroupN full system. We also needed to replace the exhaust manifold due to it being cracked.
All of the brake lines were replaced, with the rears being run through the inside of the car, with bias adjusters fitted inline.
The radiator was replaced after the end of the clutch cable was fired though it during a trackday.

This is how the car looked on its first track outings whilst we were deciding on graphics.

Late one night we made our own design from a selection of B&Q's finest vinyl. Its was finished at 11pm in the dark, so we can be excused for the squint ones!!!

And finally some pictures of the car out on track doing what it does best.

Full Specification:

  • 10pt OMP cage
  • 3" 4pt Sparco harnesses
  • 2x Cobra bucket seats
  • Pug Sport GpN exhaust system
  • Koni dampers & springs
  • Polyflex bushes
  • Re-Furbed rear beam
  • GpN solid rear beam mounts
  • OMP upper brace
  • OMP lower brace
  • Tarox rear discs
  • 5x Speedline alloys
  • Brake Bias Valves

The car was sold late 2006. If you have any questions or if you would like more information on the 205 email us.