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Tue Sep 12, 2017 9:46 am PostPost subject:
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Adam you were saying about the change of surface flag, the fluid might not have been visible from post 3's flag post if in the dip, especially with all the water and spray. The flaggies on 3 & 4 are some of the most experienced on the team but they are human, the same thing happened in btcc at croft this year. Putting out COS or even a waved yellow might not have stopped the incident. Plus the fear with the COS is in bad conditions like wind and rain drivers might mistake it for a red. Also for us if like me you wear specs your own vision is impaired with the conditions.

For about the last 6 races on sunday it was beyond brutal, the wind and rain making for a bad windchill, i know on 7 I was struggling at times whilst trying to keep alert but when you are shivering with the cold it is hard and lets be honest almost every post was pretty exposed to the conditions
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Tue Sep 12, 2017 11:46 am PostPost subject:

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emicen wrote:
Erik wrote:
What caused the engine to go kaboom quite so dramatically though?

Driveshaft parts company with gearbox, takes off/out oil filter housing, oil ejecto-seatos straight on to exhaust manifold and cat.

Ahhhh so maybe a bit too much kerb then?

Pretty spectacular way to do it that's for sure!
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Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:53 am PostPost subject:
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Race Report... i'm still in a huff, but had time to reflect a bit.


At least I got time to do some testing this time round (arrived home from Malaysia on Friday afternoon), and immediately felt a bit happier with the car compared to last race weekend. Maybe getting more of an understanding on how to get these wee under-powered shopping trolleys into a corner without scrubbing off speed. First session went ok, no dramas on old tyres... taking it about 80% and doing mid 64s on a track with dry line/damp in places. Happy enough with that.
Session 2 - took the opportunity to scrub new tyres for Sunday (was going to be wet) and was loving the new found grip... until I perhaps got a bit greedy on a few kerbs and helped the front end self destruct going over the chicane Neutral Massive bang and smoke... tried to keep it off track but appear to have left some oil just on outside edge of the track. Apologies for the red flag.

Gearbox mount snapped. Engine mount wrecked. Drive shaft ripped out. Oil filter housing smashed off.

So.... the usual crap when back in the pits... "What have you managed to do now"... where as I'm of the opinion these cars should be able to complete a race with a few kerbs here and there. Anyway - ALM had a late night changing the engine, gearbox, shafts etc. Big thanks to them for that, and I'm sure they must love having me at race weekends. They'd be idle otherwise Very Happy Still not sure how you can find a deepfried pizza tasty though :O

Race Day: Soaking wet

Qualifying: Dont mind the wet normally, but first time trying to do lap times in the wet in the Mini with this setup. Did a few laps and noticed 6th on pit board. WTF Laughing Next lap round 18th.... Really was a case of keeping it going and just building up confidence and reducing the times. Sadly the session was interrupted for Taelor on her roof (good to see her and the car were fine). Green flag and a couple more laps - Managed a low 69s lap which put me in 15th. Not quite where I want to be, but my best qualifying to date (in minis). Felt fairly positive that I could move fwd as it was all fairly subdued and in control during qualy.

Race 1:

Ok start, round the outside of King and slotted in behind Hannah.... bit of contact with King at McIntyres as i try and stay on the track with him squeezing me out wide (any opinions on this - trying to work out whats acceptable and what to complain about? i.e 50/50 or other driver trying to push me wide. IMO it was totally avoidable unless King was simply sliding wide). Long safety car periods..... then lap or 2 at the end with some action. Good race with McColm. He got by me on the exit of chicane (fuel surge and zero drive out of corner) but I made the place back at the exit of Clarks. Fished P12... so all in all a bit happier than last time out.

Race 2:

OK start... but started to lose ground once into third :/ Kept position down into McIntyres but had more contact there (Holderness). I'd say thats 50/50... maybe I could have left him more room, but its him that hits me coming back onto circuit. Squeeze through butchers side by side but then more contact at Chicane - prob a bit clumsy from me here. We both lose speed and King nips by. Clarks - King parks on apex and I lightly nudge the rear square on - no harm and gives him a boost Sad Still unsure how he lost speed right at apex. A lap or two losing ground to those in front and being hunted down... struggling for straight line speed it seems. Crap exit from Clarks gives John Duncan a good run on me and he makes a pass at hairpin... he blames me for the next bit, i blame him.... totally know where the different perspectives come from though. We may have both be going 'straight' but at what point do we go straight. To me... i'm holding a straight line leaving him room (that i shouldnt have with hindsight). He takes this gap with enough momentum to be clear of me in good time and creeps outwards towards me. His back and my front wheels touch... luckily no great impact but still :/
This allows McColm to get a run on me and with that... this is probably the only point that i'm a bit miffed about. He clips my rear wheel into duffus (catch it)... again at McIntyres (catch it but lose a lot of momentum) and then just makes a gap/barges in at butchers and we have more contact. Last one may have been me not leaving a gap as he was more along side. Anyway... i then cock up the entry to chicane after this with a lift rather than brake and rear end comes round. Assisted maybe.. hard to tell if the car behind nudges me Laughing
At this point the car is handling like crap, missing a bumper, door handle etc... I just have some fun catching the backmarkers up. 1 or 2 laps more would have been nice... but nope... last. - any comments good/bad welcome. Still very much trying to get the hang of racing in such close quarters

Race 3:

No front camera :rage: but good start from last to around 16th making up a lot of places before a safety car. Again really struggling for straight line pace - having a better exit then cars catching me Sad Had to take avoiding action for Weddel crawling up to Chicane, reduced speed over the grass, then into safety car period. Green flag and disaster - Battling with McColm again, took a little too much of the kerb at butchers then BOOM, shaft out, oil filter gone - fire and engine cut. Sliding sideways up the chicane with Dom Wheatly just behind me. Not ideal. Oil on wet track... handfull of cars join me. Not a great end and I was raging to be honest.

Not a great weekend and prob not great for those having to deal with my huff Laughing Thanks to the ALM guys for their setup and support - car felt great in testing and qualifying. Bugger the lap times... next goal is to finish all 3 races

Positives: Highest finish (12th) and was up to 10th at one point and in sight of the leaders!!! Woo :/ Those that know me.... know i'm not competitive at all Neutral
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