2009 Entry List so far

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Mon Mar 30, 2009 9:28 pm PostPost subject: 2009 Entry List so far
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1 Kev Horsley Club Pro
2 Lee Broadhurst Club Pro
3 Mark Biggers Club Pro
4 Jonathan Faull Club Pro
5 Simon Deaton Club Pro
6 Alex Bruce Club Pro
7 Darran Round Club pro
8 Robin Duxbury Club Pro
9 Laurus Basinskas Club Pro
10 Mick Rowntree Club Pro
11 John Stevenson Club Pro
12 Russell Humphrey Club Pro
13 Andy Napier Club Pro
19 James Nicholls Club Pro

1 Olly Clark Pro
3 Bob Moore Pro
6 Simon Norris Pro
11 Adrian Smith Pro
16 Andrew Whincup/RSE Pro
2 Jeff Mileham Pro

99 Andy Gallacher Prototype / Open Wheel


4 Russ Tweed Club Challenge 4WD
7 Fiona Muir Club Challenge 4WD
8 Phil England Club Challenge 4WD
9 Gary Searl Club Challenge 4WD
10 Russ Paton Club Challenge 4WD
11 Alan Tolley/Paul Taylor Club Challenge 4WD
12 Neil Wrenn Club Challenge 4WD
21 Scott Robson Club Challenge 4WD
22 Julian Divall Club Challenge 4WD
23 Walter Morris Club Challenge 4WD
24 Marcus Webster Club Challenge 4WD
25 Anthony Elrick Club Challenge 4WD
32 Kenny Brookes Club Challenge 4WD
33 Matt Crutchley Club Challenge 4WD
72 Warren Kelly Club Challenge 4WD
14 Marco Haig Club Challenge FWD
27 Antonio Giavinazzo Club Challenge FWD
15 Gordon wright Club Challenge RWD
16 Paul Whiffin Club Challenge RWD
18 Steve Linton Club Challenge RWD
20 Kevin Duckworth Club Challenge RWD
28 Benjamin James Club Challenge RWD
29 Lance Turner Club Challenge RWD
30 Andy Hughes Club Challenge RWD
5 Mike Isherwood Club Challenge 4WD
26 Jonathan Beech Club Challenge 4WD
6 Duncan Graham Club Challenge 4WD

19 Bren Simpson Club N/A over 3001cc
1 Paul Hughes Club N/A Under 3000cc
2 David Thorpe Club N/A Under 3000cc
3 Steve Guglielmi Club N/A Under 3000cc
17 Tony Campbell Club N/A Under 3000cc
31 Daniel Gannon Club N/A Under 3000cc
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