Peugeot 1600 8v TU Engine - 140bhp

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Mon May 27, 2019 2:31 pm PostPost subject: Peugeot 1600 8v TU Engine - 140bhp

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I've been sitting on this for long enough, but I'm now in a position to be able to sell on my old engine as I am in the process of fitting a 16v.

I've listed out everything from memory, so could have forgot something, but all the main bits are all here;
    1.6 16v bottom end, pistons machined for 8v valves
    QEP ‘big valve’ head with catcam 646 cam & catcam vernier pulley
    Supersprint SS exhaust manifold & 2" Peugeot Sport exhaust
    First generation Sandy Brown GSXR throttle bodies with ITG filter & Vauxhall cream injectors
    Bosch 8v Coilpack & Magnacore HT leads
    Emerald K3 ECU (Including USB with all versions of the maps)
    Plug and play loom with all fuses etc, will only need live, switched live and ground. Wire lengths for it to be placed on the passenger bulkhead
    Innovate LC1 wideband (wired into ECU for closed loop fuel control, makes town driving and cruising much nicer!)
    Stack gauges (Oil pressure, water temp and air fuel (separate sensor to LC-1) mounted on a carbon plate to fit in the radio slot.
    S2 Rallye gearbox (rebuilt) with Quaife ATB diff
    Uprated driveshafts (SKF/GKN ’6ball’ type CV’s)

To complete the install you’ll need a starter, an alternator set up (with pulleys) and engine mounts.

I put a new timing belt and tensioner on it when I took it out of my car, it also fired straight up after sitting for 3 years while I was abroad. The engine was rotated by hand periodically while in storage. While in use it got new engine and gearbox oil every year (about 5-6k max), the package has been totally bomb proof and never once broke down on me. I have years of development invested in this which is why I would like to sell as a package, and would be stoked to see it live on with someone else.


Anything you think I have missed please let me know. I will only break the package if I have significant interest. Shipping to be arranged by the buyer.
Peugeot S2 106 Rallye
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